Biden Says “That’s a Good Idea” When Asked If He Should Resign

Biden Says

“Resign?” – Biden Says It’s A Good Idea!

( – Powerful, strong leaders inspire their people to act similarly to them, with history telling numerous tales of presidents or kings rallying a nation with just words. However, President Joe Biden’s recent words seem to inspire anything but confidence as he recently quipped that it would be a “good idea” if he were to resign.

On Tuesday, May 10, President Biden was speaking with reporters about inflation and the economy when someone asked him to comment on Representative Rick Scott’s (R-FL) recent words. The reporter quoted Scott’s criticism of the president and call for him to resign, shared here by the Florida lawmaker on Twitter:

While Biden was likely being sarcastic in his response that it would be “a good idea” for him to resign, it doesn’t change the fact that Americans’ trust in his leadership is waning quickly. A February 2022 poll from the Washington Post and ABC News revealed that over 50% of Americans do not trust Biden in a crisis, believe he is a strong leader, or think that he has the “mental sharpness” to fulfill his duties effectively.

All in all, Biden gave Americans sarcasm at a time when citizens were looking to him for answers about how to put food on the table and gas in the tank. This is not the best way to get Americans to vote for his party come November.

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