Biden Signs 17 Controversial Executive Orders on First Day in Office

Biden Signs 17 Controversial Executive Orders on First Day in Office

( – As expected, President Joseph Biden began to undo as many of Trump’s successes as possible on his first day in office. Within hours of taking the oath of office, Biden signed 17 executive orders to undo many of former President Donald Trump’s policies.

Biden Pushes Back Trump’s Policies and Protections

CBS reporter Bo Erickson shared a list of the 17 executive order and actions that Biden signed:

However, many Americans wondered how these orders align with Biden’s promise to represent all citizens. Stephen Miller, the senior advisor to Donald Trump, shared his thoughts:

The US Will Re-enter the Paris Agreement

One of the most alarming executive orders puts the United States back into the Paris Climate Accords. Many Americans are nervous about the expensive agreement when the economy is still recovering from ongoing COVID-19 shutdowns and unemployment.

According to the Heritage Foundation, the agreement is likely to cost Americans 400,000 jobs and take $2.5 trillion out of our gross domestic product (GDP).

Entering Our Borders Just Got Easier

Biden managed to make coming to the US easier through multiple executive orders. One ended the travel ban against countries considered terrorist hot spots, while another halted border wall construction.

Additional orders extended deportation deferment, minimized immigration enforcement, and gave DACA recipients additional protection. Together, these orders will likely allow many potentially illegal immigrants to cross our borders, or stay within them, threatening national security.

Most Women’s Sports Will Now Allow Biological Males to Participate

Biden also introduced an anti-discrimination order which centers on ensuring everyone have “equal treatment under the law, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation.” However, many were able to see past the flowery language to just what Biden is pushing:

Biden hopes to undo many of the protections that Donald Trump gave hard-working Americans. But, no matter how hard Biden tries, the legacy of Trump’s first term will continue to be one of commitment to our nation and values.

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