Biden Tells Children It’s President’s Job to Avoid Questions

Biden Tells Children It's President's Job to Avoid Questions

( – Many children dream of becoming president (POTUS) one day, hoping to lead America into a better and brighter future. With this, they often look at the current POTUS as a role model. Yet, when President Joe Biden recently visited a New Jersey Elementary School, he did all but inspire hope and confidence in the school children.

On Monday, October 25, President Biden headed to Plainfield, New Jersey’s East End Elementary School, to rally support for his Build Back Better plan. During the visit, Biden told the young, impressionable students that as president, people “ask you all kinds of questions and you try to figure out how you’re gonna avoid answering them sometimes.”

The GOP War Room YouTube channel shared video footage of the comments:

Classrooms are meant to be a place where children feel safe asking questions and can trust their teacher, or in theory, their president, to give a valid and truthful answer. Yet, President Biden used his position as a role model to tell children that he actively avoids answering questions posed to him by his own citizens. He clearly showed his lack of awareness and poor judgment if he was attempting to make a joke. These comments simply beg the question: what is he trying to teach our nation’s children?

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