Biden Tells People to Buy $55k Electric Cars to Avoid High Gas Prices

Biden Tells People to Buy $55k Electric Cars to Avoid High Gas Prices

( – Since his 2020 campaign, President Joe Biden has pushed for Americans to use renewable energy in their homes and cars. However, the president doesn’t seem to be taking his own advice. Many citizens know the head of state drives a gas-guzzling Corvette when home in Delaware, which shows he’s quite out of touch with the lives of many Americans. In a recent speech, Biden even told those struggling with gas prices to buy an electric car to save money.

On Thursday, March 31, Biden gave a speech where he told listeners they could save around $500 a month if they switched to renewable energy in their homes. Quickly realizing that President Biden misspoke, the White House revised his speech transcript to read “$500 a month [year] on average.”

In addition to this blunder, Biden told Americans to “take advantage of the next generation of electric vehicles,” as doing so would save drivers around “$80 a month” in gas money. However, making this switch is no easy feat. For example, the new Volkswagen ID.4, an electric crossover SUV, has a $41,230 MSRP, making the upfront cost of a new electric vehicle quite high.

Young Americans for Liberty shared a snippet from Biden’s speech on Twitter and pointed out the absurdity of his statement:

Biden believes his release of oil reserves and the nation’s shift toward electric cars will help ease the current record-high gas prices. Maybe the president would be more convincing with this argument if he followed his own suggestions and got an electric car himself.

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