Biden Throws Support Behind California Governor Amid Recall Efforts

Biden Throws Support Behind California Governor Amid Recall Efforts

( – Many governors face pushback as Americans grow increasingly agitated at their overreach and abuse of power when it comes to economically devastating shutdowns and crippling school closures. Because of these factors and others, California Governor Gavin Newsom’s time in office may be cut short.

A petition to get a mid-year recall vote of Governor Newsom is gaining traction. It has over 1.4 of the roughly 1.5 million needed signatures to get the recall on the ballot. With over a month to go, it’s very likely the petition will succeed and push Newsom’s fate to a statewide vote.

However, not everyone agrees that he should be removed. Turns out President Joe Biden opposes the action because of course, he does:

Both sides of the aisle have grown increasingly frustrated with Newsom, as he can’t get COVID-19 under control in his state despite the restrictive shutdowns he mandates. Not to mention the hypocrisy he displays in the face of his own mandates. Even if the state does not vote Newsom out of office, this incredible petition has given a voice to the people of California and will hopefully give the power-hungry governor a wake-up call.

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