Biden Unveils “BLUEPRINT” – Official White House Document!

White House Unveils Blueprint To Deal With China

White House Unveils Blueprint To Deal With China

( – China is among the few countries with the power to force its weight economically. In response to the threat it poses, coupled with the struggles currently occurring on US soil, the White House just released a new national security strategy guide.

The October 12 report highlights the United States’ vision for the future and offers actionable ways to get there. It also lists potential obstacles and suggests how the country should prioritize its place on a global scale if it wants to retain its current identity and role.

Maintaining America’s Competitive Edge

The United States recognizes China as the only rival capable of reshaping the world’s economic flow. Leaders believe the PRC has actively worked to make the rest of the world dependent on China while moving slowly but steadily toward its own greater independence. The guide suggests we should actively invest in our own strengths in order to work proactively toward the United States’ own goals, which it lists as “our competitiveness, our innovation, our resilience, our democracy.”

US leaders believe it’s vital to out-compete China in multiple arenas if we want to stay afloat. The advances America makes now in technology, military strategy, and intelligence are likely to determine its place in the future greater scheme.

Using Diplomacy to Strengthen Ties

Improving diplomacy between the United States and friendly nations is another important component to the long-term success of our country. There is power in numbers, and only with allies can any country work to hold accountable others that try to disrupt democratic pursuits. The White House strategy paper highlights the importance of keeping China’s influence in check while striving to remain peaceful in its approach.

Investments to ensure the military remains combat-ready are just as important, according to the document, both as a means of avoiding conflicts and defending allies. By taking any necessary measures to ensure stability in the region, the United States can continue to benefit from current trade agreements while assisting Taiwan in standing its ground against China’s influence.

Considering Other Challenges

Not every danger to the country threatens it from overseas. The effects of climate change, crumbling energy security, the COVID-19 pandemic, food insecurity, and internal strife have led to a divided and desperate nation. The administration hopes to build upon our current resources and strengthen both local and global health through food initiatives and improved agricultural practices. It believes a focus on improvements in clean energy, infrastructure growth, healthy security, and international commerce could help pave the way to a more robust America that’s better prepared for similar types of obstacles in the future.

The plan looks good on paper, but time will tell how it plays out on a global scale.

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