Biden Uses DOJ to Push His Gun Control Agenda

Biden Uses DOJ to Push His Gun Control Agenda

( – Since his campaign trail began, President Joe Biden has rallied for stricter gun control in order to end the so-called “epidemic of gun violence” in our nation. But, with little regard for our Second Amendment rights, the president is now using the Department of Justice (DOJ) to crack down on gun ownership.

On Thursday, April 8, the Biden-Harris Administration released a fact-sheet detailing its actions against guns. In addition to calling Congress to pass legislation restricting weapon access, Biden tasked the DOJ with the following:

  • Establishing rules to stop the sale of “ghost guns”
  • Propose rules to limit the marketing of stabilizing braces on pistols
  • Publish “red flag” legislation for states to adopt

Gun columnist Lee Williams lamented the White House’s announcement on Twitter:

On top of this, President Biden called for a ban on assault weapons and tried to convince the audience that his recommendations don’t infringe “in any way on the Second Amendment.” But, time and time again, we have seen the president push for magazine limits, weapons bans, insane waiting periods, and extensive background checks in order to take away our citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms.

We shouldn’t allow the government to grab our guns, and every conservative should raise their voice against this erosion of our constitutional rights.

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