Biden Uses Trump’s Name Whopping 24 Times During Democrat Rally

Biden Uses Trump's Name Whopping 24 Times During Democrat Rally

( – The Virginia gubernatorial race is neck and neck between Democratic candidate and former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin as voters get ready to head to the polls on Tuesday, November 2. Even President Joe Biden stopped by the state to try and rally support for the Left’s candidate. However, rather than lift up McAuliffe and his plans for the state, Biden chose to talk about former President Donald Trump — quite a bit.

On Tuesday, October 26, Biden made a 17-minute speech at a park near Arlington, Virginia trying to drum up support for McAuliffe. However, he used Trump’s name 24 times during his remarks. In an attempt to attack Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin, Biden called him an “acolyte” of the former president and suggested that Youngkin is an extremist.

However, Biden went further than just trying to drag Trump’s name through the mud. One American shared more insight into Biden’s Tuesday night musings:

Biden apparently has no better strategy to try and scrounge up votes for McAuliffe than attacking his opponent and likening him to the leaders of the GOP. Perhaps, Biden also still feels threatened by the former president, who has been hinting at a 2024 run. Either way, the commander-in-chief made it clear that Trump remains a major player and influence in politics right now.

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