Biden’s Attorney General Accused of Perjury

Biden's Attorney General Accused of Perjury

( – After President Joe Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland, issued a memo asking the Department of Justice (DOJ) to look into threats from parents against school boards, families across the nation were understandably upset. Americans noted that local law enforcement groups were capably handling these situations and there was no need for federal interference. Soon after, Garland testified before Congress saying the DOJ would not use its resources to pursue parents as “domestic terrorists.” However, a new whistleblower report reveals he may have lied.

On Tuesday, November 16, House Republicans sent a letter to the attorney general outlining his contradictory comments and actions over the past few months. The letter highlighted how Garland testified before Congress, saying he couldn’t “imagine any circumstances” where parents “would be labeled as domestic terrorists.” However, a newly uncovered memo from an FBI whistleblower shows that the DOJ did, in fact, add the tag “EDUOFFICIALS” to their database in order to track cases of parental threats against schools.

Writer for the City Journal, Christopher Rufo, shared part of the GOP letter on Twitter along with his view of just what should happen to Garland:

This “threat tag” shows that Garland’s department did actually have a hand in investigating parents as domestic terrorists, something he vowed before Congress would not happen. So, many Republicans are understandably calling for an investigation into this alleged perjury to keep Garland and the DOJ accountable and contained. This is just another story against one of Biden’s top officials and certainly does not help the current administration’s already struggling position.

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