Biden’s Day of Reckoning Is Here

Biden's Day of Reckoning Is Here

( – Every world leader makes mistakes. It simply comes with the job. However, transparency and accountability are key if leaders want to retain their nation’s trust and support. After the Afghanistan crisis, though, it seems President Joe Biden’s time of reckoning is here. Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke more about this during his show’s opening segment.

On Monday, August 30, Carlson highlighted that he could talk for the entire year about “each lie” that has come from the Biden administration lately. He emphasized that both military leaders in Afghanistan and the White House have refused “to hold themselves accountable over time.” Carlson also reminded viewers what happens when governments go too long without openness and honesty: “people revolt.”

Tucker also spoke with one US Army veteran who wanted to see Biden take responsibility for shutting down Bagram Airbase before the military evacuated all US citizens and Afghan refugees. The Post Millennial shared that segment of Carlson’s show:

As it stands, President Biden is our nation’s commander-in-chief and the leader of the free world. Yet, he refuses to acknowledge the blatant mistakes he has made, and his media team cannot provide a straight answer to almost any question posed by the press. If Biden is to continue leading our nation, he must stand up and take responsibility for his actions. Responsibility and accountability are necessary to restore the confidence of America and the world.

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