Biden’s Energy Czar Tells Poor People To Buy Solar Panels

Biden's Energy Czar Tells Poor People To Buy... Solar Panels

Biden’s Advisor Issues CRAZY Message To Poor People

( – For over a year and a half, Jennifer Granholm has been the Secretary of Energy for the United States. Most recently, she has focused on transitioning Americans to “clean energy” to try and get our nation carbon neutral by 2050. But, it seems many of her statements during this push towards sustainability are quite tone-deaf.

On August 21, Granholm appeared on Fox News Sunday, where she directed low to middle-income Americans to purchase solar panels to decrease their electricity bill. While she emphasized they could get 30% off due to the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, she also told viewers to consider financing the devices, saying that could be a “significant incentive.”

Granholm also highlighted that the lowest income group can get new windows, insulation, and heat pumps installed at no cost to them. Unsurprisingly, many Republicans scoffed at her words, noting how out of touch they are with everyday Americans who are struggling to keep food on the table and gas in the tank.

This latest push for energy efficiency comes as President Joe Biden continues asking people to purchase electric cars despite not driving one himself. It seems Democrats should rethink their current plan to move Americans towards their version of green energy because the current one certainly does not sound enticing.

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