Biden’s Handlers Walk Back His Claim

Biden's Handlers Walk Back His Claim

Biden’s “Handlers” Just Flipped His Script on China/Tawain

( – President Joe Biden is notorious for fumbling over his words or misspeaking about important topics in public. However, that can often cause stress or confusion since he is the president of the United States. That’s just what it did this week when he told a reporter the US made a “commitment” to get its military involved if China invades Taiwan.

On Monday, May 23, Biden met with Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida. During the news conference, a reporter asked the US president if America would “get involved militarily to defend Taiwan.” In response, Biden declared, “yes, that’s the commitment we made.” This sent waves of surprise through the room, as the current foreign policy remains ambiguous over just how involved the US would get if such an invasion occurred.

Shortly after, however, a White House official emphasized that the US policy on Taiwan has not changed to military involvement despite Biden’s latest words. Newsweek shared how this was not the first time the sitting president has made this claim:

While the White House staff is trying to pull back Biden’s words, it is critical to remember that it is the president of the United States who makes many of these decisions and has the final authority on powers given to the executive branch. With this, the whole world should hope Biden knows just what he is saying when he makes such statements and promises.

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