Biden’s New Deal With Iran Will Give Them $1 Trillion by 2030

Biden's New

Biden Offers TREACHEROUS Deal To Iran

( – One of President Joe Biden’s main campaign promises was to return the US to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal first struck by President Barack Obama. However, as the Biden presidency has dragged on, such a deal seems less and less likely. Now, a new analysis highlights that if the current administration can bring Iran into another agreement, it could send over $1 trillion to the regime in the next 8 years.

On Wednesday, July 13, Richard Goldberg, a Senior Advisor at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, called out the US president for trying to get Iran to return to the nuclear deal after it just announced it can enrich uranium to 60% purity, which is very close to weapons-grade quality. At this time, Goldberg noted, it is a poor decision to make an agreement that sends “$275 billion in the first year and as much as $800 billion over the next five” to a volatile regime.

Goldberg highlighted how this money would fund Iran’s terrorist and Revolutionary Guard activities, which would wreak havoc on other nations in the Middle East, including many allies of the United States. In turn, America would have to come to the defense of its friends and fight against a regime it funded through the deal.

Do you think Goldberg’s assessment of the potential deal is correct, and if so, what should Biden do instead?

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