Biden’s Plan Will Cause Audits to Double

Biden's Plan Will Cause Audits to Double

( – When then-candidate Joe Biden ran for office, he presented himself as a kind of grandfather to America, promising to bring help, prosperity, and equality to its citizens. However, as he continues to push his policies through Congress, it seems like none of that is trickling down to everyday citizens. A new report from the Republican Committee on Ways & Means revealed the president’s latest tax plan could cause audits to double, contrary to what the Democrats claim.

On Thursday, November 18, the Ways & Means Committee released a memo asserting that the latest proposals from the Left will use IRS audits to target low and middle-income earners. The committee believes increased funding for the IRS would produce an additional 1.2 million audits each year. It shared more about the likely effects of the proposal on Twitter:

The memo also alleges the IRS would likely target small businesses because they’re easier to audit than the more complex filings of high-income earners.

With this latest revelation, it’s becoming clearer that President Biden does not, in fact, work for every American. Instead, he plans on ensuring big businesses thrive while a progressive agenda seeps into American society. With every new bill, the current administration uses a heavier hand with its citizens, and time will tell if it backfires against them before too long.

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