Biden’s Polling Approval Failing on Border Crisis

Biden's Polling Approval Failing on Border Crisis

( – President Joe Biden remains unwavering in his open-border policies, even as tens of thousands of migrants cross our southern border, unable to be properly housed. A new poll shows that our leader’s continued fumbling of the border crisis has led to some of the worst approval ratings since President Gerald Ford.

On Sunday, April 25, the Washington Post released survey results done in conjunction with ABC News about President Biden. Out of the 1007 adults spoken to on the phone during the study, only 52% of those citizens strongly or somewhat approved of the president’s handling of his duties overall. But, 53% of those polled disapproved of the commander-in-chief’s handling of the immigration situation at our border.

The Washington Examiner’s Chief political correspondent Byron York shared the data on Twitter:

When President Biden took office, he inherited two approved COVID-19 vaccines and a secure southern border. So, while he has continued with President Donald Trump’s momentum on the pandemic, he has absolutely ruined the latter matter. Biden’s change in policy at our southern border has put unaccompanied minors into American homes, stadiums, and hotels while letting countless illegal immigrants sneak into our land and threaten national security. Hopefully, President Biden will take note of our nation’s disapproval of this and move to secure the border once again.

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