Biden’s Press Secretary Claims He Is the Best Communicator at the White House

Biden's Press Secretary Claims He Is the Best Communicator at the White House

( – A president and his communications team are the mouthpieces of the United States. Their words project international policies and have repercussions all over the world. Similarly, leaders can use their rhetoric to rile up a nation or instill peace and feelings of security. During a recent press briefing, one reporter confronted White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about President Joe Biden’s silence surrounding the Chinese spy balloon and unidentified flying objects the US military shot down recently. Most people found her response mind-boggling.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, February 14, Jean-Pierre claimed Biden is receiving regular briefings from experts surrounding the Chinese spy balloon and the multiple unidentified objects shot down above the US and Canada in recent days. She emphasized that citizens should “understand that there’s no need to panic” about the strange objects.

Later on, a reporter asked Jean-Pierre to expand on Biden’s communication strengths and weaknesses, and the press secretary said, “the president is the best communicator that we have in the White House.”

Twitter users quickly used this statement to remind the world about the multitude of times Biden has misspoken, jumbled words together during a speech, or simply been incoherent when talking.

One reporter later challenged her on the continued silence from Biden, noting that President Barack Obama spoke about the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico when it occurred. They believed the military “shooting down unknown aerial objects over U.S. territory” would also demand a similar response from POTUS.

Despite the repeated questioning on the subject, Jean-Pierre stuck to the answer that no public discussion from Biden of the three unidentified flying objects shot down over North America since February 10 is the best way to go, even if he is the “best communicator” in the White House. While National Security Officials have told reporters the initial assessments of the objects have led experts to believe they are not part of any surveillance program, the silence from Biden still leaves some wary over the issue.

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