Biden’s Speech Fact Checked as Only “Mostly True”

( – President Joe Biden has a history of making comments about the LGBTQIA+ community that many people find to be inappropriate, exaggerated, or downright false, and his recent claim that “gay people can go through a formally recognized marriage ceremony in the morning and be forcibly ejected from an eating establishment in the afternoon” raised a lot of eyebrows. It also prompted Politifact, a well-known fact-checking website, to do some background research. Politifact found that the claim was not completely true, based on the fact that 22 states do not have any anti-discrimination laws that address same-sex discrimination.

The fact-checking process did not reveal how many people are actually thrown out of restaurants based on their sexual orientation but acknowledged that it was legally within the rights of service providers to discriminate on such a basis within those 22 states. Accordingly, Politifact rated Biden’s claim as “requiring some clarification.”

Biden has repeatedly said that he sees no problem with same-sex marriage and believes that all same-sex couples should enjoy the same civil rights and civil liberties as anyone else. This liberal view contrasts with the fact that in most societies, marriage is considered to be a sacred bond between a man and a woman that is forged by God.

Biden has repeatedly told different stories on different occasions concerning his own epiphany regarding same-sex relationships, and has made a point of telling the LGBTQIA+ community that they are some of the most brave and inspiring people he has ever met. These comments may boost the morale of members of that community, but some believe that the real heroes of society are those who take action to defend the nation and to protect children.

Views on same-gender marriage have changed very quickly in the United States over the past 30 years. Politicians, including former President Barack Obama, who formerly defined marriage as between a man and a woman, have more recently endorsed same-gender marriage.

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