Biden’s Faulty Theory on Increasing the Minimum Wage

Biden's Theory on Increasing the Minimum Wage

( – Much of the campaign season has centered on the economy and the best ways to protect small businesses and the American people. On Thursday, October 22, President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden debated just what an increase to the federal minimum wage would do to our nation.

Moderator Kristen Welker asked Biden if he still supported raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour in our current economy. Biden quickly responded with “I do,” reasoning that the government should be helping small businesses now.

However, President Trump, who has run many businesses in his life, clarified that raising the minimum wage makes it harder for small businesses to make payroll. Instead, he wants to keep this a state decision:

Some small businesses in large cities can easily pay their workers a high wage. But, that should not be the same required wage for businesses in a small town as it could be destructive. Trump’s decision to allow each state to choose its own minimum wage accounts for the variation in the cost of living across our nation — something Biden clearly does not understand.

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