Bill Gates Invested in Artificial Eggs a Decade Before the Egg Shortage

Bill Gates Invested in Artificial Eggs a Decade Before the Egg Shortage

( – Around ten years ago, Microsoft founder turned billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates began investing in a replacement for the incredible, edible eggs laid by billions of chickens every year. He hoped food scientists in California would be able to create a new product out of plants that would look, feel, and taste as close to the animal product as possible. While the fake egg product has been on sale for a while, the company is now rolling out its next egg-related product in the Golden State.

Hampton Creek Foods developed a plant-based egg substitute they claim can replace Mother Nature’s version of the nutrient-dense food. Just Egg is sold in many stores across the country and claims to cook up similarly to the natural version. The product is made from water, mung beans, canola oil, salt, sugar, and a few other items.

The company hopes to roll out its new product, Just Mayo, in the coming months at Whole Foods in California. This venture comes as Americans have seen the price of normal eggs shoot up 81% from the end of 2021 to the end of 2022 according to Bloomberg. Avian flu and general inflation contributed to this rise in cost. The surge in price has put a major strain on American budgets as the egg is a staple for breakfast, baking, and as a fun addition to many dinner dishes like fried rice or even a hamburger.

So, many people are trying out these new fake eggs to cut costs. But, some who have tried the substitute eggs note while they notice little difference in baked goods, Just Egg doesn’t replicate the animal-based product that closely when cooked up in a skillet.

Even though it is vastly different from a chicken’s egg, it hasn’t stopped consumers from buying this egg replacer. Just Egg has grown 17% over the 52 weeks leading up to December 3, 2022. It seems Bill Gates’ investment into plant-based food products is catching on, although this makes many people nervous who believe the natural, straight-from-the-animal version is best for everyone.

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