Bill Gates Is Now the Biggest Farmland Owner in America

Bill Gates Is Now the Biggest Farmland Owner in America

( – Over the past few years, Bill and Melinda Gates have been known for their support of vaccines, gun and education reform. But, little was known about their landholdings until now. It turns out, the Gates own 268,984 acres across 19 states, most of which is farmland, making them the largest private farmland owners in America.

On Monday, January 11, writer Eric O’Keefe wrote down his research surrounding the Gates’ secretive land purchases with the Land Report. What first caught O’Keefe’s attention was a $171 million sale of a 14,500 farm in Eastern Washington. The buyer was a “Louisiana investor,” who, after a bit of sleuthing through investment firm ownerships and loads of paperwork, turned out to be Bill Gates.

Reporter Katherine Long shares the breakdown of Bill Gates’ land:

Many Americans are skeptical about what the Gates’ plan is with the land, including entrepreneur Agustín L. Cruz:

As no clear vision for the lands has been stated, we can only speculate as to what Bill Gates actually wants to do with his landholdings. But, looking at his often controversial interests in vaccines and global warming, we can’t be positive that the land will actually be used for traditional farming.

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