Bill O’Reilly Predicts Cable News Will Have Dark Future Without Donald Trump

Bill O'Reilly Predicts Cable News Will Have Dark Future Without Donald Trump

( – As Americans watch election season come and go, they also watch how reporters and journalists treated both presidential candidates. Many citizens became disillusioned with mainstream media, from CNN to Fox News. Political commentator Bill O’Reilly believes “big changes” will happen to these cable networks come January.

On Saturday, November 14 in his weekly column, O’Reilly described how Americans saw President Donald Trump “brutally attacked by the press, which openly allied itself with the Democratic Party.” This encouraged viewers to watch previously less-popular networks like Newsmax for election coverage this month. CNN correspondent Brian Stelter shares the stats:

O’Reilly warns readers that if Joe Biden becomes president, he will be treated with the utmost respect and admiration from most media outlets. This will likely fuel even more viewers to turn away from major media companies:

As our nation enters a winter with many uncertainties, we must rely on ourselves to seek out truth and distinguish fact from opinion and bias. Thankfully, there may be a few new media sources to help us along the way.

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