Billionaire CEO Promises to Join Fight Against Facebook and Twitter’s Censorship

Billionaire CEO Promises to Join Fight Against Facebook and Twitter's Censorship

( – Big Tech censorship erupted this year as companies like Facebook and Twitter tried to limit what users could say online. But, other leaders in the industry are standing up against the billionaires, showing there’s a better way.

On Thursday, November 19, billionaire CEO Peter Rex, founder of the real-estate firm Rex, met with Fox and Friends to lay out his thoughts on the Big Tech industry:

Rex also stated in an op-ed for Fox Business that he would like to see new tech entrepreneurs “who are committed to serving people” and who are willing to create an alternative hub for the tech industry, ideally away from Seattle and Silicon Valley. Rex recently moved his own company from Seattle to Texas in hopes of starting this trend.

Rex warns that transforming the technology and social media industry will not be easy or cheap. But, after the year Americans just experienced, more and more people are willing to join the fight to make our country and its industries centered on goodness and freedom again.

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