Billionaire Surrenders $70 Million in Stolen Artifacts

Billionaire Surrenders $70 Million in Stolen Artifacts

( – It seems there are two justice systems in America: one for the rich and one for the working class. Frequently, wealthy elites do not pay for the crimes they commit, or at least not in the way the rest of the country does. There’s yet another example of that in New York.

On December 6, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr. announced that billionaire hedge-fund owner Michael Steinhardt surrendered 180 stolen artifacts worth $70 million. The lot included goods smuggled out of 11 countries by criminal organizations.

The investigation into Steinhardt began in 2017 when the DA found the billionaire purchased the Sidon Bull’s Head statue, which was stolen during the Lebanese civil war. During the probe into the statue, Vance’s team uncovered Steinhardt’s appetite for stolen goods.

Instead of seizing the stolen goods and arresting Steinhardt, Vance’s office gave him a sweet deal. All he had to do was return 180 stolen artifacts and the DA agreed he wouldn’t be prosecuted. Vance claimed the decision had to do with saving time and returning the items to their rightful owners, rather than waiting for an indictment, trial, and possible conviction. It doesn’t seem the district attorney is offering poor offenders the same sweetheart deal across the city.

Once again, prosecutors have let an alleged elite criminal walk away unscathed. Perhaps similar situations of the justice system turning a blind eye have occurred in the political realm with figures like the Clintons and Bidens?

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