Blinken Says Increasing Aid Is Likely

Blinken Says Increasing Aid Is Likely

( – Russia has been testing the world’s superpowers as it builds up its military forces along the Ukrainian border over the past few weeks. While Russian President Vladimir Putin did withdraw some of the 100,000 troops that had amassed there, tens of thousands still remain. To address this threat to our ally and its democracy, Secretary of State Antony Blinken traveled to Ukraine to discuss the need for increased security measures, potentially to include American troops, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Blinken Affirms the US Will Support Ukraine

During Blinken’s trip to Kyiv, he called Russia’s current military stance of over 80,000 troops on the Ukrainian border “reckless and aggressive.” However, the situation is not as simple as funneling money and military support to Ukraine to prevent an invasion. Blinken highlighted that Ukraine is up against “twin challenges” consisting of both Russian aggression and corruption within the country itself.

Biden’s Secretary of State tried to take a tough-love approach to the complex situation with Ukraine, noting that the nation needs to improve both its judicial system and anti-corruption measures before additional assistance is provided.

A Hopeful Arms Sale for Ukraine

The United States typically sends over $400 million in military aid to Ukraine every year, but after this meeting, the country under pressure is hoping for more. Blinken did not commit to any specific form or amount of aid during his visit, but confirmed he is “working very actively” on providing more assistance.

In the coming days, we’re likely to hear about how much the United States is willing to get involved in this conflict. While it’s understandable that Russia invading Ukraine is not in anyone’s best interest, inserting American troops into the situation would add one more country to the numerous nations that our sons and daughters are fighting in. Biden and his administration must tread carefully to keep Russia at bay without overcommitting our resources abroad.

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