BLM an Epidemic of Ideas

Black Lives Matter Is an Epidemic of Ideas

( – When an idea gets enough support, often due to the potential profit associated with it, it can take over a whole city or nation without as much as a nod to facts or statistics. Judge Learned Hand coined this phenomenon an “epidemic of ideas,” and George Liebmann, a prominent Baltimore Lawyer, calls Black Lives Matter (BLM) just that.

In 2015, BLM gained traction after the death of Freddy Gray. This caused the number of arrests in Baltimore, Maryland, to drop by over 50% and resulted in fewer prosecutions of most marijuana charges. Liebmann asks in his article published by the American Conservative: “Who profits from this particular epidemic of ideas?”

It’s certainly not the city or its law-abiding citizens that profit, as more drug crimes go unanswered and uncharged. Instead, this typically Democratic state has stalled on common legislation pushed by the Left:

Republican Congressional nominee Kimberly Klacik calls out the current lawmakers inability to make the city a better place in her viral campaign ad:

While viral movements are enticing and give the feeling of being a part of something bigger, they can do more harm than good. Rather than jumping on the latest trend or idea, Americans must analyze the facts and how different policies pushed by each side actually affect the populations.

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