Bodies FOUND In Politician’s Home

Dead Bodies Found in Politician's Home

Dead Bodies Found in Politician’s Home

( – For 14 years, Susan Menard served as the Mayor of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, a small town north of Providence on the state’s border with Massachusetts. Before that, she served on the school committee and followed by being on the city council, at one point as its president. However, her life and death are now in question after police found two decomposing corpses in her home.

On Monday, September 19, a neighbor called the police to the residence of former mayor Susan Menard after he had not seen activity at the house recently. Upon arrival, officers found two human bodies “severely decomposed” in separate rooms in the former mayor’s home. While authorities must wait for autopsies and forensic tests to determine the cause of death, the female victim has been identified as Menard. The second body, that of an elderly male, has not yet been identified.

While the investigation could take some time, investigators said there was no suspicious behavior leading up to the discovery. However, it is puzzling that both died around the same time.

Menard is the town’s longest-serving mayor and was beloved by her constituents. The town even named a middle school after her in 2017. On Saturday, September 17, her brother, Robert Miller, died and his obituary in The Providence Journal listed her as a living relative, clearly unaware of her recent demise.

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