Border Patrol Plans to Send Illegals to Northern States Under Biden

Border Patrol Plans to Send Illegals to North States Under Biden

( – As the Biden border crisis spirals out of control, the current administration is getting creative in its attempts to minimize the disaster. But, the latest suggestion will likely deepen the negative impact that the illegal immigrants are having on states all over America.

On Friday, March 19, The Washington Post first broke the news that US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is asking President Joe Biden for permission to fly approximately a thousand migrants to states at the Canadian border. Currently, CBP facilities at the US-Mexico border are bursting at the seams and unable to process and house the thousands of additional immigrants showing up every week. They hope other states can pitch in to help.

The Post’s national correspondent Jenna Johnson shared more:

As the border crisis drags on, it’s increasingly likely that the issues it causes are no longer restricted to just states along the Mexican border. So, as more Americans feel the effects of Biden’s atrocious immigration policy, there will likely be both more and louder voices calling on him to control our borders and put America first again.

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