Caitlyn Jenner Says NCAA “Caved” on Female Athletes

Caitlyn Jenner Says NCAA

( – Anyone who has played a sport competitively understands the blood, sweat, and tears that go into achieving one’s goal. So, when girls across the nation saw NCAA swimmer Lia Thomas, who is a biological male, win a national title, it broke their hearts. In a bold move, Caitlyn Jenner spoke out against the NCAA allowing Thomas to compete, declaring that the governing organization “caved to the woke mob.”

On Saturday, April 9, Caitlyn Jenner published an opinion piece in the New York Post calling the NCAA out for its failure to protect girls’ sports. Jenner has a unique ability to speak about this issue, as she won the 1976 Olympic decathlon while competing against other men as a biological male before she began associating as a woman.

In the article, Jenner emphasized that both Lia and biologically-born female athletes should be able to live “as authentically as possible.” Practically speaking, Jenner does not want biological males competing against females in sports, and she will now be working with politicians to ensure girls’ rights in these situations are better protected in the future.

Newsmax shared an interview with Jenner about this topic:

Jenner brought Title IX into the discussion, highlighting that even the NCAA bylaws declare there should be “equitable sports opportunities” for both sexes. So, in her words, the NCAA “refused to protect women, on all levels.”

This situation is especially heartbreaking for the women who have lost medals and scholarships to biological males. Thankfully, Jenner will be working on Capitol Hill in the coming months and years to ensure the government and NCAA protect females once again.

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