Can The Military Dogs Left Behind Be Saved?

Can The Military Dogs Left Behind Be Saved?

( – American men and women serving in the US military are not the only ones who gave their lives during the nation’s 20-year war in Afghanistan. Countless working dogs also sacrificed their life while working alongside our brave service members to sniff bombs and alert them to threats nearby. Yet, reports are showing that the government ordered troops to leave some working dogs behind after President Joe Biden stopped evacuating people from the now Taliban-governed nation on August 31.

On Monday, August 30, American Humane President and CEO Dr. Robin Ganzert released a statement condemning the US government for “leaving behind brave US military contract working dogs to be tortured and killed at the hand of our enemies.” The organization asked Congress to give contract working dogs the same status as the military’s working dogs, which may have allowed for their evacuation.

Both the Department of Defense and the Pentagon stressed that they did not leave behind any military working dogs. However, the private security firm GardaWorld confirmed to the Military Times that it still does have dogs on the ground in Kabul. Currently, Kabul Small Animal Rescue is caring for the dogs, but the organization has been unable to evacuate them thus far.

Senior editor at Human Events, Jack Posobiec, caught on to the Pentagon’s spin on the story:

On top of the hundreds of Americans and allies left behind after Biden stopped evacuations, reports show that there are numerous contract working dogs among them. These dogs, which saved numerous lives during their deployment, now rely on private organizations to try and get them out. If not, they will likely fall into the hands of the Taliban, who could abuse and kill them.

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