Can the White House Avert Railroad Shutdown?

Can the White House Avert Railroad Shutdown?

White House Faces DRASTIC Criticism Over Rail Service

( – Unions battle with companies all the time as workers fight for higher wages, increased benefits, better working conditions, and other desires. While teachers and nurses have made headlines in recent years for their strikes, it is now railroad employees who are ready to stop working if their demands are not met. However, such a shutdown could have enormous consequences.

On Tuesday, September 13, senior White House officials met with railroad workers and their unions to try and help them strike a deal to prevent a major shutdown of both freight and passenger trains on Friday, September 16. Experts at the Association of American Railroads (AAR) estimate a widespread closure of track would cost about $2 billion a day, further hurting an economy already stretched to the brink with record-breaking inflation.

While talks can technically continue until just after midnight on Friday morning, multiple railroad companies have had to stop certain services in preparation for it. Norfolk Southern ceased unloading certain shipments as it expects not to have the trains to move them soon. Other trains have stopped carrying hazardous materials, including crop fertilizer and chlorine for water sanitation, to ensure it doesn’t get stranded somewhere unsafe in the event of a strike.

The Biden administration faces criticism and a tough deadline with this issue that, if not met, will only add fuel to the inflation fire and supply chain problems plaguing our nation.

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