Canada Gets a Tongue Lashing From China!

Canada Gets a Tongue Lashing From China!

( – Recently, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unleashed the country’s Emergencies Act to stop the Freedom Convoy from continuing its COVID-19 regulations protest in Ottawa. According to reports, the city’s police brutally cracked down on the freedom fighting truckers, allegedly resorting to pepper spray, beatings, and armed raids, prompting the Chinese embassy to point out Canada’s hypocrisy.

The embassy, located in Ottawa, questioned the Canadian government about its use of force against those it felt were a “threat to democracy” while criticizing China for what they considered was the same scenario in 2019. Back then, Canada verbally attacked Hong Kong for stopping public disruptions and allegedly smeared the region’s police force.

What Happened in 2019?

Nearly three years ago, Hong Kong’s government wrote a bill that would have allowed extraditions from its city to mainland China, prompting citizens in Hong Kong to protest. Local police responded to and were assaulted by “radical elements” who authorities subdued with batons, rubber bullets, pepper spray, and the like.

Evidently, Canada chastised the police at the time and encouraged the protesters to “stand up” for human rights.

According to the Chinese embassy, there was no difference between the situation in 2019 and the current ordeal with the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. They want to know why Trudeau can unleash tyrannical measures against his own people, but Hong Kong police couldn’t defend themselves against mob attacks without ridicule. Chen Wiehua of “China Daily” asked: “What’s the logic?”

What Happened in Ottawa?

The Freedom Convoy committed to standing up against draconian coronavirus measures by blocking roadways in and out of Canada’s capital. When police were unable to resolve the situation alone, the prime minister invoked the Emergencies Act, giving the government additional powers over the protesters. In all, the police arrested about 200 people and took more than 115 vehicles, which the mayor of Ottawa intends to sell for profit. Reports allege authorities used brutal measures to get their way, including trampling people and subduing others with beatdowns.

China called Trudeau out for his double standard and the outrageous atrocities he authorized against the peaceful protesters who simply wanted their freedoms restored. The Chinese embassy said the different stance is unacceptable. For a country like Canada, which once claimed “freedom of expression” is the basis of a free society, it seems to be having difficulty applying those same principles to itself.

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