CBS Panel Goes Silent After Guest Red Pills on National TV

CBS Panel Goes Silent After Guest Red Pills on National TV

( – CBS’ Face The Nation talk show is typically filled with political banter, occasionally sassy comments, and a common theme of decrying Conservatives while promoting the progressive agenda. However, when recapping the most impactful stories of 2021, one national news correspondent left the show’s entire panel in silence after decrying the impact of Democrats’ restrictive coronavirus policies on children.

On Sunday, December 26, CBS chief legal correspondent and mother of four, Jan Crawford, spoke with her colleagues about the “crushing impact” COVID-19 policies had on children. She highlighted the horrifying statistic that young females are 51% more likely to attempt suicide this year, with black children being twice as likely to die by suicide than white children.

Face The Nation shared the humbling speech on Twitter:

Crawford also pointed out the insanely small risk of dying from COVID for the average healthy teenager. Yet, the restrictions put on kids’ activities, such as school closures, sports cancellations, and shutdown playgrounds, hampered every aspect of their life and dreams. The policies also contributed to learning loss and a higher risk of abuse. Crawford ended by hoping lawmakers shift their focus to this group soon if our nation is to protect them from the current administration’s policy mistakes.

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