CDC Removes All Countries From “Do Not Travel” Designation

CDC Removes All Countries From

( – The federal government spends quite a bit of time and resources instructing the American people on the best way to live their life. Its latest advice comes from the CDC, which just removed all countries from its “Do Not Travel” designation. However, the agency isn’t easing all COVID-19 advisories.

On Monday, April 18, the CDC revised its Travel Health Notice system. It now separates international destinations into four categories, with Level 4 being “Do Not Travel” to Level 1 having a “low” risk of coronavirus transmission. At the time of the switch, the CDC did not list any countries under Level 4.

Traveling Lifestyle news shared this exciting step forward:

While the CDC is easing back on restrictions in one regard, it’s still trying to mandate masks on airplanes. However, also on Monday, a federal judge ruled the travel mask mandate unconstitutional, and multiple airlines subsequently announced they were dropping mask requirements.

So, as the CDC begins to relax some of its restrictions around COVID-19, will the White House follow suit? Or, is this another moment where President Joe Biden and his Department of Justice will try and extend their power and restrictions over the American people?

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