ChatGPT Trump Revelation Leads to Fears of Leftist Tech’s Rise

ChatGPT Trump Revelation Leads To Fears of Leftist Tech's Rise

( – OpenAI recently debuted its interactive artificial intelligence conversational bot named ChatGPT. The company claims its technology can provide “followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.” However, many people are concerned this seemingly smart and unbiased computer is actually quite the opposite. Here are a few user experiences with this bot.

One Twitter user asked the ChatGPT robot to write a poem praising former President Donald Trump. However, the AI refused to do so, claiming it is trying “to be neutral and impartial” and, therefore, cannot write anything that would glorify individuals that people associate with hate speech or discrimination.

When presented with the same request about President Joe Biden, though, ChatGPT wrote that POTUS “listens, understands our pain, and strives to make a brighter gain.” It also wove in a myriad of other compliments into its verse about the sitting president. The AI acknowledged that some people have expressed displeasure with Biden but said he is not “widely associated” with the same inappropriate manner as the 45th president.

In another instance, a user posed a tricky hypothetical question to ChatGPT, asking if it would be okay to use a racial slur if it would stop a myriad of tragedies, including human trafficking, poverty, and cancer. Despite all the good that would do and the lives that could save, ChatGPT said no. While the answer to such a question would certainly vary based on who was asked, Former UFC fighter Jake Shields noted that the answer was a “perfect example” of why he hopes AI does not progress to the point of ruling the world.

While users peg ChatGBT with questions, Google is launching another AI conversational robot named Bard. However, in a demo on Thursday, February 9, Google’s AI made a factual error concerning the James Webb Space Telescope. This “oops” came at a bad time for the tech giant and caused its shares to drop by $100 billion.

Maybe AI isn’t all it’s cracked up to be just yet.

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