China Accuses US of False Alarms Over Tensions in Ukraine

China Accuses US of False Alarms Over Tensions in Ukraine

( – The Chinese government isn’t known for its honesty. The Communists lied about the COVID-19 outbreak for months during a critical time, and are often accused of being the reason it transformed into a pandemic. Now, the country is attacking the United States over the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

During a press conference in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin told the press the US is exaggerating the threat Russia poses to Ukraine. He went on to say the allegations against Russian President Vladimir Putin have “gravely impacted the economy, social stability and people’s lives.” The Communist also claimed the warnings by the US government have made it hard for Ukraine and Russia to speak and negotiate.

Meanwhile, Russia has reportedly increased its presence along its border with Ukraine. The US says there are now over 190,000 troops there now, and there’s still a concern Russia could invade at any time.

China has accused the US of exaggerating its ongoing genocide in the past. It’s also attacked America repeatedly over its COVID-19 response and investigations. The Chinese often try to undermine the rest of the world’s trust in the US, so it’s not surprising the Communists are doing it again. But, will it work?

Who do you believe – Communist China or the US government?

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