China Backstabs Hollywood in Ultimate Power Move

China Backstabs Hollywood in Ultimate Power Move

( – Over the past few years, Hollywood filtered anti-Chinese rhetoric from their films to ensure the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) allows them to debut in the East Asian nation. As a result, Hollywood pulled in exorbitant amounts of money from Chinese theatres. Now, the US film industry faces an uncertain future, with the country banning most movies from crossing onto their shores.

The last major Hollywood movie released in China was “Luca” on August 20. The picture only nabbed $5 million during its debut, though, as China has ramped up the number of Chinese-language films available and the demographic of those who attend. Since August, the CCP has not approved any additional movies, including Marvel’s Black Widow.

Variety share more about the impact this censorship will have on movie makers:

Not surprisingly, the CCP is choosing to promote Chinese-based movies that reflect its communist values. This reason, likely in conjunction with its desire to push back against the US’ moves against TikTok and Huawei, make it seem this censorship won’t stop anytime soon.

Without backing or revenue from the previously enormous Chinese box office, Hollywood may struggle to continue pumping out movies at its current rate. Americans will have to wait and see how this plays out, but in the meantime, they can choose to support a studio they like by enjoying an afternoon at the movies once again.

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