China Cuts Military Communication With the United States

China Cuts Military Communication With the United States

Communication Lines Cut Off – Where Is This Going?

( – For years, various US lawmakers have visited Taiwan without causing a major international upset. However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) recent trip to the island nation that China continues to claim control over pushed the communist country over the edge. She was the highest-ranking government official to step foot on the island in almost 25 years. Now, leaders in Beijing have declared they will no longer speak to America about a wide range of issues.

On Tuesday, August 2, Pelosi arrived in Taiwan, igniting the anger of the CCP. Shortly after, Beijing started live-fire drills off the coast of the island. The White House met with Chinese Ambassador US Qin Gang on Thursday to make it clear the Biden administration did not approve of the military exercises. In response, the following day, the CCP suspended future communication with US leaders, a move that White House Spokesman John Kirby called “irresponsible,” according to

This new dialogue suspension applies to immigration, legal matters, drug trafficking coordination, and climate change talks, among other topics. Many experts have called this move an escalation that could quickly lead to miscommunication in the future between the two countries. Do you think there’s a way to ease this tension, or is this the beginning of an even worse phase of the US-China relationship?

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