China Orders Bat Cave Off-Limits to Investigators

China Orders Bat Cave Off Limits to Investigators

( – Since the coronavirus first began its spread around the globe, scientists, lawmakers, and everyday citizens have been wondering just where this confusing and sometimes deadly virus came from. After a lackluster World Health Organization (WHO) investigation in January and February 2021 that revealed little, the WHO hoped to gain access to areas near Wuhan, China, where some believe the virus could have originated. However, China has other plans.

When COVID-19 first emerged in Wuhan, scientists looked to both the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and the nearby animal farms and bat caves for answers surrounding the virus’ origin. However, when the WHO asked China to let a team of investigators trace the wildlife trade at wet markets in the area, the nation denied the request.

The New York Post shares more:

Just eight days before China acknowledged the pandemic in December 2019, it shut down multiple wet markets in Enshi, a region where locals sell live animals as close to one mile from caves. These caves, which supply water to the locals and act as tourist attractions, are home to multiple species of bats, one of which researchers found further south in the country to be carrying a virus 96% identical to SARS-CoV-2.

China is clearly keeping any investigations into their local wildlife preserves and farms at an arm’s length, trying to keep any potential blame for the global pandemic off of their plate. However, this only makes the corrupt communist nation look more guilty than before. What do they have to hide?

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