China Orders CRACKDOWN – Over 1 Million People Arrested!

China Arrests 1 Million Plus People

China Arrests 1 Million Plus People

( – In a democracy, the power of a government to rule over the country comes directly from the people. However, in a dictatorship, the power comes from within the government and is often kept by strict rules and quickly squashing dissent. Right now, people can see an example of this harsh-handedness in China, where the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) arrested nearly 1.5 million people who it accused of criminal activity.

In the 100 days leading up to the CCP’s national meeting, authorities arrested 1.43 million Chinese residents it believes were criminals threatening public security. On September 27, the Ministry of Public Security noted it resolved over 640,000 criminal cases stemming from the arrests. It also found 7,442 spots it wants to “rectify public order” as well. All in all, the security campaign said it completed its goal of “effectively punishing crimes and stabilizing peoples’ minds.”

However, it seems many of those arrested were actually everyday citizens of China who petitioned the government, practiced Christianity or fought for civil rights. Rather than actually targeting violent people, the CCP chose to silence those who spoke out against it. Now, the fate of over a million people is in the hands and at the mercy of the Chinese government.

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