China Reportedly Launches “Largest Incursion Yet” Against Taiwan

China Reportedly Launches

( – The People’s Republic of China tends to view the country of Taiwan as a “province in rebellion,” while the United States, at least unofficially, treats it as a sovereign nation. During the administration of former President Donald Trump, that was enough to keep the mainland mostly in check. However, since the inauguration of President Joe Biden, China has begun loudly rattling its sabers.

On June 15, the Communist regime’s air force sent 28 military planes into airspace controlled by Taiwan including several different types of fighters and four H-6 capable bombers. On April 12, 2021, they sent 25 planes — the previous record — continuing with what they describe as a need to stop “Taipei and Washington” from colluding with one another.

That’s not the only international pressure that President Biden must deal with while he is overseas; the Russian Navy moved within 500 miles of Hawaii to conduct exercises, causing the Americans to scramble three F-22s in response to long-range bombers that were part of the maneuvers. While updated Soviet-era Tu-142MZ “Bear” aircraft did not enter American airspace, the distances involved in today’s military environment would not have allowed for a response had they become aggressive.

Meanwhile, the American media was blocked from the meeting between Biden and Turkish President and Russian ally Tayyip Erdoğan while the Turkish media had full access. The question becomes, how will the newly-minted president react to the posturing of countries that tend to be unfriendly towards the United States?

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