China Shuts Down Factories Over “Energy Goals”

China Shuts Down Factories Over

( – Countries around the world are under pressure to cut emissions and meet certain energy goals in the coming decades. China chose to slash its energy consumption by cutting power to factories, homes, and businesses across the country, leaving manufacturers and citizens with limited power for days.

On Sunday, September 26, Eson Precision Engineering Co. Ltd., a supplier of Apple components, announced its factory in Kunshan, China would shut down until Thursday “in line with the local government’s power restriction policy.” If this continues, it could cause major delays in the already slow supply chain limiting access to everyday commodities like phones, computers, and other electronics.

In northeastern China, citizens are posting on social media asking the government to restore power to their homes as temperatures drop. Yet, in the south, the Chinese Communist Party told citizens to limit AC use by raising the temperatures in their homes.

The Chinese Ambassador to India, Sun Weidong, shared why China is using such drastic measures:

If China continues to curb the nation’s power supply, production of exported goods will certainly go down, likely increasing prices for consumer goods as the Christmas season comes. Hopefully, China’s attempt to meet its “energy goals” will not harm its citizens’ wellbeing or livelihood in the process. However, with the country’s track record, that seems unlikely.

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