China Starts Mass Book Burnings of Religious Texts

China Starts Mass Book Burnings of Religious Texts

( – While China’s Constitution may say it gives the “freedom of religious belief” and right to participate in “normal religious activities” to its citizens, the reality is far from that. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been burning religious books and persecuting those of faith for years. Recently, their efforts have been getting more strict and destructive.

The CCP’s History of Persecuting Religious and Spiritual Persons

In the late 1990s, the CCP began its campaign against Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline that focuses on kindness, honesty, and patience through meditation. They labeled followers of the discipline as state enemies and tortured them while destroying any materials they found supporting the practice.

Multiple reports show the CCP continues to offer rewards for those who turn in followers or information related to Falun Gong.

Recent Book Burnings and Religious Symbols Destruction

Multiple instances have been reported of the CCP confiscating religious books and CDs from Buddhist temples and Christian churches and destroying them in the street. In the early months of 2020, over 250 churches had their crosses taken down in the Anhui Province of eastern China by the CCP in its attempt to remove religious symbols from the country.

COVID-19 has only intensified the CCP’s attack on religion. As shopping practices moved online, multiple booksellers have been sentenced to prison for selling religious texts over the internet. In hopes of preserving their texts, some Muslims have even put their Qurans into bags and sent them down the Ili River, hoping that someone downstream, perhaps in Kazakhstan, could use them.

Public Book Burning Takes Place

In October of 2019, state library workers in the Gansu Province of northwest China began burning books, magazines, and other items with religious or superstitious content in order to follow the Ministry of Education’s directive to ‘firmly cleanse’ reading material.

This was also a precursor to a recent policy directive from Beijing trying to modernize the rural areas of the country. The policy pushes socialism while eliminating “superstition” and any trace of religion or faith.

There’s no denying that the CCP is trying to eliminate any way of thinking other than the communist narrative they thrive on, especially in the younger generations. From book burning and jail sentences to torture and concentration camps, the CCP regime is despicable to its core. We must always try to break through the Chinese government’s darkness by bringing their atrocities to light. Only through the truth will any forward progress towards freedom be obtained.

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