Chinese Cyberattack Confirmed

Chinese Cyberattack Confirmed

( – China and Iran are constantly looking for ways to undermine the strength of the United States. Their latest push came in the form of a cyberattack that one cybersecurity firm labeled, “one of the most pervasive security vulnerabilities that organizations have had to deal with over the past decade.”

The week of December 6, China, Iran, and a few other nations began exploiting a vulnerability in Apache Log4j 2, commonly called “Log4Shell.” Various internet infrastructure and software companies use the program, and when exploited, it allows the bad actors to access a company’s networks and data.

National Cyber Security news shared more about the intrusion:

So far, Apache has released two security upgrades for companies to use to combat the attack, although users must proactively download and apply the patches to their computers in order to fend off the hackers.

While such vulnerabilities show hackers’ immense skills at infiltrating private data, they also allow cybersecurity companies to create countermeasures that shore up weaknesses and protect consumers. Hopefully, companies and Americans alike continue investing in data protection technology to keep future Chinese and Iranian aggression at bay.

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