Chinese Envoy to US Removed from Post for Having Affair

( – A recent Wall Street Journal report claims that the top Chinese delegate to the United States was recalled after it was discovered that he fathered a child with his American mistress.

Qin Gang, the 57-year-old envoy, was subject to an investigation by the Chinese Communist Party after only half a year in office. He mysteriously disappeared for a month before being replaced by Wang Yi, a career diplomat.

Chinese officials are now concerned that the ambassador compromised China’s national security by engaging in the affair. Reports indicate that Qin is cooperating with the CCP’s ongoing investigation.

Senior officials from the CCP claimed Qin was removed from his post due to “lifestyle reasons,” a common Chinese euphemism for sexual misconduct. The WSJ said the names of the woman and their child have not been disclosed to the CCP officials who spoke on the issue. The officials also do not know when the affair took place, how long it went on for, or the age of the child in question.

Intelligence officials around the world have been buzzing about Qin and his activities. Allegedly, Russian intelligence agents told the CCP that Qin was a double agent, working for the United States. Taiwanese intelligence officials reported that the CCP is not only investigating his American mistress, but another mistress in the United Kingdom as well.

Intelligence agents described Qin as a “measured and careful diplomat,” though apparently not careful enough to not father a love child in a foreign country.

Reports indicate that Qin was hand-picked for his position by Xi Jinping himself, the leader of the CCP. He was promoted unusually quickly, only two years after working as a US envoy, likely due to Jinping’s confidence in him.

Qin’s dismissal is part of a major CCP crackdown on party officials who are suspected of spying. Li Shangfu, China’s defense minister, was recently questioned by CCP authorities. This summer also saw dismissals of the political and civil heads of China’s Rocket Force, though no reason was given.

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