Chinese Guards SURROUND Airport — They’re Armed!

Chinese COVID Guards Spotted With Machine Guns at Airport

Chinese COVID Guards Spotted With Machine Guns at Airport

( – It’s no secret that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has gone to great lengths to keep the COVID-19 virus contained. But now that the world is closing in on three years since the virus first appeared, the nation is still enacting drastic measures against its people in an attempt to keep the death toll down and create a nation with zero cases of the virus. A new video even showed armed guards at the airport ensuring passengers abide by a lockdown.

On Wednesday, October 5, a video began circulating showing multiple Chinese guards in full hazmat gear carrying machine guns at the Xishuangbanna airport in Yunnan. Travelers can be heard yelling, “are you gonna kill us all” in the footage as they remain quarantined in the terminal.

Authorities chose to go this route after the Yunnan province gained 61 new coronavirus cases this week. As current CCP President Xi Jinping seeks a third term in office this October, he is really pursuing and advertising his “Zero COVID” platform, although it is clearly occurring at the expense of his citizens’ freedom and comfort.

Similar shutdowns are happening all across the country. The Urumqi airport canceled 97% of departing flights and 95% of arriving flights as of Wednesday, October 5, according to The Telegraph. As these intense lockdowns continue, now with guards carrying machine guns, many residents are likely wondering if there will ever be an end to them. While America never hit this level of intensity, this story is a reminder that such draconian responses could happen anywhere.

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