Chuck Schumer Asks Biden to Get a Handle on Gas Prices

Chuck Schumer Asks Biden to Get a Handle on Gas Prices

( – Nearly every American has experienced pain at the gas pump as prices continue to rise all across the nation. While some citizens are choosing to forgo that extra trip across town to save on cash, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is asking President Joe Biden to use a different strategy to help with gas budgets.

On Sunday, November 14, Schumer spoke with reporters at a New York news conference about the rising gas prices and asked Biden to address the issue by dipping into the United States’ Strategic Petroleum Reserve. While this would lower gas prices in the short term, it would not affect domestic production or the price of oil overseas. Currently, gas prices are the highest they have been in a decade with oil costing over $80 per barrel.

Yahoo News shared another snippet of Schumer’s reasoning for this ask on Twitter:

Schumer echoed a recent letter from 11 Democratic Senators also asking Biden to dip into the reserve. While this could bring brief relief to consumers’ wallets in the short term, it would only be a bandaid on a greater problem. Additionally, the federal government would then be working with a smaller reserve should a greater oil crisis actually happen, leaving our nation more vulnerable. Perhaps rather than encouraging Biden to fix just the symptoms yet again, Democrats should urge their leader to fix these problems at their source.

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