Clinton Insider Calls Out Big Tech

Clinton Insider Calls Out Big Tech
Clinton Insider Calls Out Big Tech

( – Any conservative paying even a little bit of attention to social media these days has felt the overwhelming pressure to silence dissent coming from Big Tech. But, in an honorable move, one Liberal feminist and former advisor to both Al Gore and Bill Clinton spoke out against the censorship peddled by her own party.

Naomi Wolf Chats With Tucker Carlson About Big Tech

On Wednesday, March 17, Naomi Wolf spoke with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson about Democrats’ close-knit relationship with major social media platforms. In recent months, Wolf has been deplatformed twice from four different major tech platforms. She noted that she had not experienced this until she spoke with Carlson about “how left and right should unite to save the Constitution” in February.

Wolf did not mince her words when she compared the censorship to a “CCP [Chinese Communist Party] type of conditioning.” She emphasized that her own party is working with tech companies to silence conservative views and shared it’s “not good” for our nation.

Big Tech Is Profiting From Lockdowns

Wolf shared that companies like Facebook and Twitter try to silence conservative opinions because they’re profiting enormously from lockdowns. When Americans embrace their freedoms and open businesses again, tech companies’ profits will likely slow down again.

To help Americans see just how much tech companies made during the lockdowns, Berkeley professor Robert Reich shared their changes in net worth:

There’s no question that the longer Americans stay distanced from one another in lockdowns, the more money these companies will make. Wolf urged Americans to help “defend America from encroaching tyranny” and speak out against this censorship.

Censorship Hurts Americans Across the Board

While most of Big Tech’s silencing has been directed at Republicans, they’re now expanding their censorship of dissenting views to anyone who tries to reach across party lines and start a healthy dialogue.

As a staunch Democrat speaks out about this issue, we see that it’s no longer just a GOP battlecry. We all must push back against censorship and silence in order to preserve the freedoms we have in our nation.

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