CNN Now Demanding Gun Sellers Perform Mental Exams on Buyers

CNN Now Demanding Gun Sellers to Perform Mental Exams on Buyers

( – Since the beginning of time, mankind has been capable of violence, and people have looked for ways to stop it. Thankfully, our Constitution allows every law-abiding citizen in this nation to protect themselves with a firearm if they feel the need. But, a CNN anchor made a public push this week to try and combat gun violence in the most ridiculous way possible.

On Wednesday, March 24, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota spoke with colleagues about the recent shootings in Georgia and Colorado and how to address gun violence. But, rather than the simple answer of continuing to allow Americans to protect themselves with guns, she suggested that gun shop owners profile their customers and ask questions about their mental health. Such questions could include “are you hearing voices” in order to potentially “weed out” mentally ill people.

One upstanding citizen and chef, Brad Peters, shared his view of Camerota’s words:

By demanding gun sellers profile their clients, Camerota is asking Americans to perform mental evaluations on people when there are already laws in place allowing gun shops to not sell a firearm to someone they believe is dangerous. Perhaps America’s slant towards violence goes beyond simple access to guns and tells us something deeper about human nature.

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