CNN Reveals Joe Biden Is Lying to America About His Past

CNN Reveals Joe Biden Is Lying to America About His Past

( – At this point, most Americans know that President Joe Biden is notorious for telling untrue tales about his past. While conservative outlets have been reporting on these false stories for years, in a surprising move last week, the radically Left-leaning CNN actually called the president out for his repeated lies.

On Wednesday, June 30, CNN’s politics division published a fact check article on a speech Biden gave recently in Wisconsin. The president told an often-repeated story about speaking with Amtrak conductor and long-time friend Angelo Negri. But, as always, the timeline of Biden’s story did not add up, and his audience was left puzzled by his inability to remember his life or his blatant repeated lies to Americans.

In the article, CNN went through Biden’s story step by step, providing solid rebuttals to almost every aspect of Biden’s tale. The news outlet included links to past speeches the president gave and even an obituary of conductor Negri that shows the man was not even working for Amtrak when Biden believes their witty banter about miles traveled on the train occurred.

Many Americans were surprised that CNN chose to call the president out on this and shared so on Twitter:

While Biden’s inability to speak clearly and consistently is not new, CNN’s exposure of it is. Perhaps the mainstream media is turning a corner and is ready to see Biden for who he really is.

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