CNN Star Under Fire for Photo Showing Insane Gas Prices

CNN Star Under Fire for Photo Showing Insane Gas Prices

( – While people can share odd or startling stories about things that happen in the US, these snippets of life in America are not often true for everyone. When it comes to journalists, their job is to help paint a picture of these events and issues for people to see without bias or misleading information. So, it’s understandable that CNN host Wolf Blitzer is now under intense scrutiny for an incredibly misleading, yet true, Twitter post.

On Tuesday, November 9, Blitzer, who hosts CNN’s The Situation Room, posted a photo of gas prices at a Washington, DC Exxon in a neighborhood highly trafficked by tourists and businessmen:

Within minutes, critiques of his photo came in from all sides, emphasizing that the day’s average gas price in the nation’s capital was only around $3.60, according to AAA. Almost every DC resident knows the gas station in the photo to be obnoxiously overpriced for tourists. Blitzer purposefully encouraged anxiety for his readers through this post, despite the fact that nearly every American understands that gas prices are extremely high everywhere.

Blitzer’s attitude reflected his network’s own view of the world and showed just another example of how CNN and other progressive media sites will twist reality or use outliers to push a narrative of fear.

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